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Bye to the old, hello to the new.

Do you remember when you were a kid and you had dreams? You were excited to grow up and get to do great things… but as you grow up you lose some of your friends, life gets in your way, and those dreams fade away. You didn’t plan this. It’s a kind of sadness and disappointment that’s hard to explain. It’s not all that bad because you’ve made new friends and dreams, but there’s still that subtle, lingering feeling of being let down. 

That’s how I felt when I read that Microsoft bought Minecraft and Notch- the creator of it all- was leaving Mojang. That may sound silly, getting emotional over a video game, but Minecraft wasn’t just a “game.” It has had a pretty big impact on my life. Notch created this game from scratch and put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into it. He created a game that will go down in history, literally, and it was a game that brought out the best of us all.

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I recently traveled to Nicholson PA to buy some things for my truck. I’ve been here before and always admired this incredibly large railroad bridge, but this time by GPS took me on some back roads en-route home. I found this amazing view of the bridge in front of a farm and snapped a few photos. I’m so glad I found this spot because the view was breathtaking, and now I want to go back and explore the area some more. 

This is why I love the country. 

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Anonymous said: How many cars do you have?

I have two, a 1999 Chevy S10 and a 95 GMC Jimmy that I should have registered and on the road next month. 

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Fernweh; feeling homesick for a place you’ve never been to.
Wanderlust, a desire to travel, a longing for far-off places.

Check out a short video I filmed for a Vimeo Weekend Challenge. It’s based on the German word Fernweh. It’s entirely slow motion with some beautiful music by Century of Aeroplanes. Check out my other videos and please “like” the video on Vimeo if you can! It was filmed on my Panasonic GH2. 

Let me know what you think!

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paradise // photo by craig snedeker

paradise // photo by craig snedeker

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Recent life updates.

It’s been a while since I’ve actually posted anything here so I figured I’d fill everyone in on what’s been happening (not that it’s dreadfully exciting). 

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